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days. And sure, a couple of degrees difference isn’t going to kill anyone. But this next one did . 6. Thousands of People Died . in Car Accidents As a result of the fear of air travel that arose post 9/11 (and of the fact that all planes were either heavily restricted or flat out grounded for a week after the attacks), many people decided Michael kors handbags to just drive the trips they had planned on flying. After all, it seemed highly unlikely that al Qaida would wholesale cheap gucci hijack anyone’s Ford Festiva and try to crash it into Trump Tower (some confused valet would’ve probably run out and tried to park it). By that line of reasoning, what could be safer? Flying, actually. As you may know, car accidents are staggeringly more common than plane crashes (terrorists notwithstanding) due to the fact that pretty much everyone drives. The average person spends about two hours every day behind the wheel of a car, and statistically speaking, you are much more likely to crash after an hour of driving than you are wholesale cheap gucci after an hour of flying. How much? How about an estimated 1,595
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